About us


Creativedge was born in the marvelous recession of 1991 when ‘bleak’ was an actual pantone colour refererence. Designing and producing creative thoughtful work has always been the drive that has seen us still around to this day.

Lots has changed over the last 26 years, technology, expectations, the city it’s self, even the whole design process has even been transformed, but the one thing that can and never should change is that relationship you make with a client. This can happen in an instant or develop over a number of years but when it happens it means you keep that client for years to come.

We have been known over the years to excel working for public sector organisations like Merseyside Police, Liverpool City Council and North West Ambulance Service to name just a few, but these sectors have probably been hit the hardest of all when it’s come to cut backs and losses. The knock on effect had a impact with less work filtering through to Creativedge and our suppliers. Diversity and flexibility has seen us thrive when many good friends and collegues didn’t manage to survive this time, but we arean essay outline template paid essay writing service stronger and wiser and ready for the good times to role once again.